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So I know I'm incredibly cliche, but ever since I watched VickiCristina Barcelona, I've wanted to visit this city. It is even better in person. Oh my goose. Unfortunately, it has rained all of the days here, but it's a warm rain and what is more romantic than skipping through the streets looking as if I just emerged from the Mediteranean?
I am in love with Gaudi's architecture. I could write pages about it. But I won't, mostly for your sake. But I wanted to cry as I stood and took in the Sangrada Familia. It is as if there was an earthquake and this cathedral emerged from the ground, with the stalactites still in tact. Breathtaking. I bought a book on his work. One of the few souveniours I've allowed myself to purchase. I realized I don't know how to spell souvenior...and the internet is too slow to scope some dictionary.com action. So that is okay.

Barcelona wouldn't have been the same with out good ol' TB Port Bar. Our tourguide is amazing and has contacts everywhere in Europe. I mean everywhere. Barcelona is no different. She has a friend from Australia who came to Barcelona for what was supposed to be a three day trip. Seven years later he's running a bar and managing a bike tour shop among other tourist attractions. TB Port was our bar of choice-the drinks were cheap and you could find meals for a Euro. Because of this, the place attracted backpackers from all over the world. This place epitomizes the word 'cool'. Wednesday night is trivia night. So trivia is what we did.
We made what we believed to be a dream team. We bought our round of drinks, and the fun began. Turns out, we suck at trivia. And by suck, I mean are absolutely terrible. But really, who knows the capital of Papau New Guineau off hand? I would like to take pride in knowing that 'Message in a Bottle' is by The Police, and Sting was the lead singer. But other than that...and knowing that Quebec is the French speaking province in Canada, I am worthless.
So...we didn't win. But that doesn't even matter because I had the privilege of witnessing an unnamed person move their engagement ring from their left hand to their right hand, and proceed to flirt with a man at our table. HAHAHAHAHA. I could almost die happy now, because I was in absolute and utter shock.

That is all I will say about the people on my tour. But you can imagine. 50 college kids in one group for 25 days. MTV needs to get up on that shit, because we'd have better reviews than Jersey Shore.

Today I hear a knock at our hotel room door. It was a frantic knock, bordering on obnoxious, so I figured it was somebody I knew. I yell, "GOOOOO AWWAY," as my roommate opens the door. Well. Turns out I didn't know who was knocking. It was the maid seeing if we were ready for her to straighten up the room. She looked a cross between perplexed and slightly worried. I was laughing too hard to try and explain in Spanish that I thought she was someone else. My roommate mumbled something along the lines of an apology, and closed the door in her face. Oops.

The moral of this blog has been that Europe is awesome. Alcohol is a drug and must be treated as such. Amsterdam is out of control and every country has Irish pubs. Metros are dirty but my transportation method of choice. Anyone selling anything in the street is going to rip you off, and if you ever want to be accepted by the locals, tell them you're from Alaska, not America.
Hope you all enjoyed my sporadic and unhelpful commentary abroad, I can't wait to do it again.

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