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So I know every city I go to, I say is my favorite. But I can say for serious, that Amsterdam is by far the coolest. Apart for the obvious reasons. I'm pretty sure the word hipster was invented here. I absolutely love it.

Let me paint the picture. It's 3:08 am. We just returned home from the pub crawl. A pub crawl consists of 30 minutes of free shots, and then six free drinks from each pub along the journey. There were hundreds of people. Epic is all that can be said. I have too many pictures and a tee-shirt.
And typing is a little difficult.

I bought a Kendama today. For anyone from Service High School, you know what's up. Well, I took it out tonight. I was the coolest shit in town. A security guard asked to play it. Everyone was very impressed with my motor skills, and everyone wanted a turn. Best way to meet strangers in and around the Red Light.
If you don't know what I'm talking about I suggest you youtube right now. And don't judge. Everyone thought I was stupid as shit for buying it, but once they played they were hooked. No lies.

Today we walked around, ate and toured some local flea markets. Riding bikes it a favorite pastime here, and they are more dangerous than motor vehicles. They are everywhere.

Dutch is a very cool language, similar to German but to my English ears it flows nicer. We have another day and night here tomorrow, and we'll be heading out into the countryside for a bit. Then onto Brussels and Paris. I'll probably write more tomorrow. But let it be known that Amsterdam is insane.

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I don't have much time. Internet costs money here and the pound is not friendly to Americans.
Today we went to Stonehenge and Bath, two sights that I have been dying to see. They completely lived up to my expectations.
Ren, I have the coolest pictures of a StoneHenge boulder that is completely climb-able. You would approve. Unfortunately, they have a thing about touching the rocks. And by thing I mean it's not allowed at all.

Bath was rather amazing. The entire town was made during the Georgian/Neoclassical Era and was in fantastic condition. I will definitely be coming back to explore further some day.

So, this morning I woke up to the realization that our electricity was not in working order. My roommates were still sleeping, but I needed to get up and about because of my travels to the aforementioned locations, so I showered in the dark. Pitch black. It was a very intimate experience, which is a little bizarre to say but try it sometime and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Another weird thing about London is the toilet paper. It's not paper. It is tissues. Think about taking a Kleenex out of a box, and that is exactly how the t.p. is distributed.
Perhaps I am a spoiled American, but I do enjoy my Angel Soft and Charmin, so going from cottonball soft heaven to sandpaper kleenex was not a transition I am supportive of. Honestly, wet a piece of kleenex, wipe it on your arm and you will know exactly how I feel right now.

Tonight I saw Wicked. My writing won't do the show justice, so I will not attempt to describe anything.
Enough said.

Tomorrow is museum hopping. The National Gallery, British Museum and the Science Museum are all on my list. Then we take a night ferry to Amsterdam.

I feel like the best stories I have will come out of Amsterdam, so stay tuned.

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Cheers-A few days back


London. Is. So. Cool.
Granted, all we’ve learned is to navigate the Tube (the metro) and cheat our way onto the Night Bus without a ticket. Just flash your tube pass and smile, the tickets look similar and no one really cares at odd hours of the night. After arriving in London we oriented ourselves to our new city and proceeded out into town for a bite to eat. We found some cheap noodles at a stand in the center of town and around half ten headed to Zoo Club, where we had scored some VIP passes. We had a free shot on the House and then the dancing started. The only good thing about traveling in a group of fifty is that we never need to look for the party-we bring the party to whichever club we choose. So we took it upon ourselves to start clearing out tables and creating a dance floor. Sunday night has never been so good to me.
The locals are brilliant. Very friendly, very hip. We chatted up everyone we ran into and it was honestly the time of my life. At one point we were outside the bar cooling off and a few men approached us and we shot the breeze for a bit. They asked where I was from, and naturally being the ass that I am, I decided to make them guess. Um. They were an entire continent off. Apparently I pull off Essex to drunk British men, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.
A few nights ago I was informed that Alaska was not part of the states. Granted, the boy was slinging sly pickup lines left and right, but he said, and I quote, “Alaska is off by itself being an individual. You’re an individual.”
Classy, ya?

In the works for today we have a ‘hop on hop off’ bus tour, as well as a cruise pass. Our tour guide gave us the tickets we need and is letting us loose into the streets of London. Tonight is Indian food and a Jack the Ripper night tour.
I’m thinking tonight should be a quiet night for me.
As if.

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Conwy, Mold.


So after waking up at the asscrack of dawn this morning, we disembarked on a new adventure. We left Dublin-sad, I know, and hopped the ferry across the Channel to Wales. Wales is exactly what you would expect in the countryside of the United Kingdom. We drove across the northern part of Wales along the coast and visted Conwy Castle, which is really quite phenominal. This castle was built in the 1200s and has remained in what appears to be flawless condition. After walking around many people on my tour decided they could live in the small town of Conwy forever. I didn't quite feel that passionate about it, but it was very hot and therefore I was slightly grumpy. I don't know what I will do when we move on to Spain or Italy. Probably die. Or melt like the wicked witch that I am.

We are currently staying in the quaint village of Mold, Wales. The weather is lovely and the locals are all very accomadating. Tonight we'll probably head out to the only pub for miles and be up bright and early tomorrow to tour Warwick Castle and Stratford, the birthplace of Shakespeare. I am very excited. Tomorrow night we head back into the city-London that is. How very hip of us. Eve, our guide has procured VIP passes to ZooClub, so more stories to come after that.

London should be epic. I didn't think I was very excited to visit England, but now I'm realizing all of the opportunities that we have these next four days. I don't want to spoil the adventures I'm planning, but I'll keep you updated.

Speaking of updates, I forgot to blog one of the highlights of Dublin. And by highlights I mean a silly moment that I probably won't live down with my roomates for the rest of our trip.
Wednesday night. I come home, not quite stumbling, but just about. I sneak across the room attempting to be as quiet as possible. What a joke, ya? So after crawling into bed I lay back onto my pillow and burst out with, "Agh, fucking earth pillow," and proceed to throw a pillow across the room. My roomates, Misty and Joelle burst out laughing and ask me what the hell I'm talking about. Well, this was my thought process: The pillow was scratchy, you know, one of those decorative pillows not meant to be slept on. So scratchy in my mind meant hemp. Hemp lead me down the path to Hippy which in turn lead me to the conclusion of earth. Fucking earth pillow.
Perhaps you had to bed there to understand the moment. But for those of you who are privileged with frequent encounters with myself, you know how hilarious I am. Just kidding. But not really.

Anywho. Time to jetset.
Talk soon.

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Part Deux

sunny 20 °C

It's Friday afternoon. I've just enjoyed a day of some severe people watching. Uyen and I walked around what I'm assuming are the more unknown parts of Dublin...because we didn't recognize anything from our tour. It was quite nice though, and afterwards we veged out in a local park and sat in the sun. Very relaxing.
Last night was a different story though. Thursday. Apparently one of the local universities just finished up with exams, so many students were out celebrating the occasion. A few of us headed over to Dame Lane. It was more of a local scene with some underground pubs and live music and local bands. We had some drinks and walked around for a bit and decided to make our way back to Temple Bar (which is an entire area of town full of night life options). We ended up at a club entitled the Purty Kitchen. Not to be confused with the Purity Kitchen, which I thought upon first reading the sign. The club was four levels of music and booze, with better prices than we'd seen anywhere else. The dancing was phenominal, and the club dwellers were friendly. A little too friendly perhaps.

We made some friends with the some boys from Northern Ireland. Their accents are slightly different, and mixed in with the usual effects of alcohol, practically a different language. I had absolutely no idea what half the things that came out of this guy's mouth were, but I just smiled and nodded for most of the night.

At one point a guy named Mark asked me what I studied back in the states. I answered that I study mechanical and aerospace engineering. He laughed and told me not to jest, "No, what do you really study," he asked? Apparently girls don't do engineering in Ireland.

We managed to make our way home. We live directly adjacent to a large white bridge that looks like a harp. There is no other way to describe it. Well, I wanted to make sure we were headed in the right direction, so I asked a security guard which way the harp bridge was. He looked at me incredously and apparently had no idea what I was talking about. It was all I had to hold back, "Well, let's think about this. The large white bridge. That looks.Like.A.Harp." I'm not kidding, there is no other way to describe the thing, but the locals had no idea what the hell we were talking about. But alas, we made it back.
Dublin is a farely safe town. It gets dark late and the crime late is the lowest in Europe. Or so we've been informed. Apparently the only problems they have are with drugs, and those folks are so strung out they're harmless. I say this so my friends reading this stop cringing at the fact we lolligag along the streets of Dublin at night. Everyone is out. Police everywhere. Nightlife is huge, and walking is in.

Tonight we eat at some local Chinese place. Weird, right? But it's supposed to be phenominal, so I will conform to the wishes of the group. We need to be up around 5 tomorrow to head out to Wales, so I'm thinking tonight will be farely low key.

Last night my good friend Alli from school back home asked me to please be safe. She doesn't quite approve with all of my holiday choices:P But I informed her, as I will inform everyone else, that I don't have enough money to get properly drunk. So don't worry. Good choices only:)

With that, I must bid you adieu.

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